Plastic with Purpose – Millican x Found Agency (2021)

At Millican they take post-consumer plastic waste from landfill and the ocean and repurpose it into fabric for their backpacks – from single-use plastic bottles into a usable yarn.

Creative Direction | All images / Films © Millican 2015–2022


Telling the story of this complex process in an engaging way was the crux of this project. It’s not an easy journey to understand and requires something creative, bringing the process to life for a wide audience. Working with Found, a 3D motion studio, we developed a narrative and creative direction that told the story, while having a tangible, Millican aesthetic to it – distilling the processes of bottle to yarn in a beautiful metaphorical journey through landscapes of oceans and fabrics. 

Creative Direction: Jeffrey Bowman | Found
Concept, Story, Animation: Found