Osprey x McFaulDay x Jeffrey Bowman – AW22 (2022)

In a post covid world, travel has become transitional, sustainable, diverse, simpler and more meaningful. At the heart of Osprey's AW22 European campaign is this simple idea of travel ‘Beyond Borders’ – celebrating the human spirit that defines a new generation of travel, one that is not limited by tradition or ring fenced to package holidays.

Campaign Ideation | Creative Direction | Art Direction | Creative Production: Jeffrey Bowman
Photography: Jim Marsden | James Bowden
Films: Jeffrey Bowman | Sim Warren
Executive Creative Direction + Production: McFaulDay

Working in collaboration with McFaulDay, the brief was to position Osprey’s AW22 European Campaign and product launch directly at the modern traveller. I was tasked to bring this project to life from campaign ideation through to creative execution, working within McFaulDay’s top line direction ‘The Outdoors Beckons – Travel it’.

The core of this campaign follows 3 different sets of travellers who utilise the innovations of Osprey's products to facilitate their journey through a diverse set of landscapes, experiencing the moments as they unfold. The developed aesthetics leans into the candid ‘home made’ feel. Shot on iPhones and 35mm photographic cameras, it takes the viewer along for the ride and inspires travel through an accessible entry point.

Van Life: James Bowden | Hanna Stocks | Billie Bowden | Dilon Bowden 
Hike: Bex Tatham | Jeffrey Bowman (shameless use of myself)
Uraban: Kyle Fyffe | Sally Evans 

The campaign sits across social channels, instore POS and Website.