The Outsiders (Gestalten) (2014)

Redefining the outdoors – The Outsiders brings together a curated collection of brands, products, adventurers, artists and photographers from across the globe; representing a new Zeitgeist in Outdoor Culture. Published in 2014. 

Featuring: Chris Burkard, Geoff McFetridge, Patagonia, Indoek, Miscellaneous Adventures, Yeti, Filson, Snow Peak, Poler Stuff. 

Co-Author & Editor. Available from Gestalten.


In 2013 I observed a shift in the outdoor space, seeing young, creative, contemporary brands emerge with a counterculture spirit that challenged the traditional outdoor industries aesthetics and values. These brands were answering the needs of a new kind of outdoor user, where spending time outside formed part of their everyday life, not just a hobby. The movement redefined outdoor “sports” and mixed surfing with camping, van life with skateboarding, bikepacking with punk rock, creativity with nature – there were no boundaries or rules. I wasn’t just observing this movement either, I was living it too.  

"We are reconnecting with out history and craft and hopefully preparing for the future with nature as a more present role in our lifestyles."


I approached Gestalten with the idea of celebrating this movement in a book. The Outsiders was created and has become the most influential outdoor book in the last decade.